Mirror sunglasses more than fashion

Mirror sunglasses more than fashion

The mirror sunglasses that have been so fashionable for a few seasons and that continue to stomp this spring, caused a stir in the 80s by Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun in 1986.

Actually this type of sunglasses was created to play sports, specifically so that athletes on the competition track will improve their vision and thus their performance as for example motorcycle riders, cars …
Superior protection to conventional sunglasses

A mirror lens in addition to being attractive and look your look, avoid excess brightness as sunlight bounces in the mirror for this reason, protect our vision more of the sun’s rays but yes, without losing clarity and also very important also for our eye health avoids eyestrain.

For all this, mirror sunglasses are recommended to be used in situations of high light such as for going to the beach, swimming pool or to mitigate any outdoor activity in the suffocating summer months.
Mirror glasses of all shapes

with metal frame,
of wood or color …

as you like or they favor you but mirror sunglasses are a must have again this spring-summer that also generates in girls and boys a reciprocal effect of wanting to look at each other and see how their look is enhanced.

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